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Phone numbers from (912) 832-2600 to (912) 832-2693

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Section Overview:

This page contains a directory for all the phone numbers with prefix 832 and a line number starting with 2600 in the 912 area code of Townsend, GA. The number range includes (912) 832-2600 to (912) 832-2693.

General information:

Primary city:
Townsend, GA
Landline Numbers
Darien Telephone Co., Inc.

(912) 832-2600

Owner NameAddressInformation
C. M Childree
C. M ChildreeTownsend, GA
Charles M Childree3547 Sutherland Bluff, Townsend, GA 31331

(912) 832-2603

Owner NameAddressInformation
Thomas W Brower12 Mcintosh, Townsend, GA 31331
Thomas W Brower3039 Julienton, Townsend, GA 31331

(912) 832-2605

Owner NameAddressInformation
Rashidi Khalfani1123 Pine Hill Rd Sw, Townsend, GA 31331
Raymond Hubbard15938 Us Highway 17, Townsend, GA 31331

(912) 832-2609

Owner NameAddressInformation
Ericksen ChrisTownsend, GA
Angela Ericksen12 Mcintosh, Townsend, GA 31331
Chris Ericksen12 Mcintosh, Townsend, GA 31331

(912) 832-2611

Owner NameAddressInformation
Michael J Heiser18 Mcintosh, Townsend, GA 31331
FINAL CUT PRODUCTIONRr 3 BOX 3320A, Townsend, GA 31331
Video Production

(912) 832-2612

Owner NameAddressInformation
Steve Winfrey1478 Shell Point, Townsend, GA 31331

(912) 832-2613

Owner NameAddressInformation
Michael & Jan Heiser
Michael & Jan HeiserTownsend, GA
Jan G Heiser1175 Jackson, Townsend, GA 31331
Michael J Heiser1175 Jackson, Townsend, GA 31331
Michael Heiser1175 Jackson Rd Ne, Townsend, GA 31331

(912) 832-2614

Owner NameAddressInformation
Maureen BelangerTownsend, GA
Maureen Belanger835 Bridge Island Dr, Townsend, GA 31331
Maureen Belanger1047 Gaskins, Cincinnati, OH 45245
Maureen D Belanger1124 Bridge Island, Townsend, GA 31331
Maureen Belanger1124 Bridge Island Dr., Shellman Bluff, GA 31331
Dunwoody Equity Partners
Buyer's Agent, Listing Agent
Maureen Belanger1124 Bridge Island Dr Ne, Townsend, GA 31331

(912) 832-2615

Owner NameAddressInformation
Timothy Howard1186 Myrtle St Ne, Townsend, GA 31331
Food Preparation and Serving Related Occupations
Associate degree or higher

(912) 832-2617

Owner NameAddressInformation
Gene GravesTownsend, GA

(912) 832-2623

Owner NameAddressInformation
Roy HinelyTownsend, GA
Daniel R Hinely2989 Julienton, Townsend, GA 31331
Roy U Hinely2989 Julienton, Townsend, GA 31331
Roy U Hinely2989 Julienton Dr Ne, Townsend, GA 31331

(912) 832-2627

Owner NameAddressInformation
Jerome WrightTownsend, GA

(912) 832-2628

Owner NameAddressInformation
Craig IlerTownsend, GA

(912) 832-2630

Owner NameAddressInformation
Rosevelt SaddlerTownsend, GA
Roosevelt M Saddler118 Tall Timbers, Brooklet, GA 30415
Roosevelt M Saddler118 Tall Timbers Ln, Brooklet, GA 30415
Roosevelt M Saddler2825 Shellman Bluff, Townsend, GA 31331

(912) 832-2632

Owner NameAddressInformation
William & Anita Thomas
William & Anita ThomasTownsend, GA
Kathleen FennellPo Box 453, Mount Vernon, GA 30445

(912) 832-2633

Owner NameAddressInformation
Lottie CampTownsend, GA
Lee Camp12 Mcintosh, Townsend, GA 31331
Lee Camp1060 Lakeview, Townsend, GA 31331

(912) 832-2637

Owner NameAddressInformation
F. B Williams, Jr
F B Williams, JrTownsend, GA

(912) 832-2639

Owner NameAddressInformation
Claudia JonesTownsend, GA

(912) 832-2641

Owner NameAddressInformation
Christian School CornerstoneTownsend, GA
Christian School Cornerstone

(912) 832-2645

Owner NameAddressInformation
H. Ed Martin, III
H Ed Martin, IIITownsend, GA

(912) 832-2648

Owner NameAddressInformation
Dennis & Janet Hale
Dennis & Janet HaleTownsend, GA

(912) 832-2652

Owner NameAddressInformation
Charles & June Hendry
Charles & June HendryTownsend, GA
Charles Hendry1736 Fair Hope, Townsend, GA 31331

(912) 832-2653

Owner NameAddressInformation
Shannon L TaggartTownsend, GA

(912) 832-2654

Owner NameAddressInformation
John Buckman1005 Us Highway 80, Savannah, GA 31408
John Buckman1005 Us Hwy 80, Savannah, GA 31408
John Buckman5755 Ogeechee, Savannah, GA 31405

(912) 832-2662

Owner NameAddressInformation
Frank FranklinTownsend, GA

(912) 832-2664

Owner NameAddressInformation
Eulonia Auto Care
Eulonia Auto CareTownsend, GA

(912) 832-2666

Owner NameAddressInformation
Tim Rhoad2351 Julienton, Townsend, GA 31331

(912) 832-2670

Owner NameAddressInformation
Kermit Hamby110 Sapelo, Darien, GA 31305
Kermit Hamby110 Sapelo Cir, Darien, GA 31305

(912) 832-2671

Owner NameAddressInformation
Regina BeatieTownsend, GA
Jr Beatie1072 Fiddler Crab, Townsend, GA 31331
Regina Beatie1072 Fiddler Crab, Townsend, GA 31331

(912) 832-2676

Owner NameAddressInformation
Barry RinerTownsend, GA

(912) 832-2677

Owner NameAddressInformation
McGowan Construction Company IncTownsend, GA
Mc Gowan Construction CO IncTownsend, GA 31331
Builders & Contractors
McGowan Construction Company Inc.13457 Us Hwy 17, Townsend, GA 31331

(912) 832-2681

Owner NameAddressInformation
Tim & Donna Tarver
Tim & Donna TarverTownsend, GA
Donna Tarver1271 Cherry Laurel, Townsend, GA 31331
Tim Tarver1271 Cherry Laurel, Townsend, GA 31331

(912) 832-2682

Owner NameAddressInformation
Michael G NorrisTownsend, GA
Michael G Norris1172 Lakeshore Dr, Jonesboro, GA 30236

(912) 832-2685

Owner NameAddressInformation
Will WhiteTownsend, GA

(912) 832-2688

Owner NameAddressInformation
Julio FerrelTownsend, GA
Julio Ferrel5893 Ga Hwy 57, Townsend, GA 31331

(912) 832-2692

Owner NameAddressInformation
Podh LandingTownsend, GA
Landing PoohTownsend, GA
P Landing12 Mcintosh, Townsend, GA 31331
Landing Pooh12 Mcintosh, Townsend, GA 31331
Pooh LandingHwy 17 &Amp; Eulonia, Townsend, GA 31331
Pooh LandingHwy 17 & Eulonia, Townsend, GA 31331
Child Care Services

(912) 832-2693

Owner NameAddressInformation
James V VaughnTownsend, GA
Kelli A Vaughn2290 Hodges Mill, Bogart, GA 30622